Funeral Services

We Are There When You Need Us! Funerals are for the living... it is a process that assists the emotional needs of families, folding death into the circle of life and love.
The trauma and sorrow of losing a loved one make it very difficult to engage in the analysis and decision-making of funeral arrangements. The many services that Downes & Wilson provide facilitate what is really a very personal decision, an expression of your feelings, and your final tribute to the personality and taste of your loved one. 

At Downes & Wilson, we provide the following services:
Funeral Planning
Caskets and Coffins
Burials at Sea
Wreaths & Floral Arrangements
Cars and Limousines

In addition, in order to lessen the burden on families at their time of sorrow, we can assist you with the following Advisory Services:

Pre-Funding Options
Counselling and Support Services
Survivor Benefits 
Official Requirements & Processes
(Funeral Checklist)

Our Fleet