Ronald Gilkes – Casket Painter

For over forty-five years, Mr Ronald Gilkes has been practicing the trade of casket painting. This dignified silver-haired gentleman who is known to many as “Tony” has been a part of the funeral industry since the era of Mr Leabert Downes. 

Mr Gilkes is married to Dianna, the father of two daughters and grandfather of four.

Ronald Cox – Casket Painter

A former student of the St Giles Primary School, Ronald Cox has been a member of the Family of Downes & Wilson for many years. Since 1986, Ronald, who is affectionately called “Rodney” has been involved in the business of casket painting.

“Rodney” is an outspoken individual who is not shy about speaking his mind; he is married to his childhood sweetheart, Nicole and they are the proud parents of Shanice and Saydia. 

Barry Haynes –General Worker/Chauffeur

Barry Haynes has been a part of the funeral business for many years.  
A former student of the Ellerslie Secondary School, Barry studied Electrical Installation for five years before establishing his career in the hospitality industry as a Chef, working the restaurant circuit for over thirty years.

Never a slacker, punctuality is one of his strong suits. Barry can be relied on to perform the delicate task of removing human remains from private residences or the hospital. His is a face that on most funeral days may be spotted in the cemetery ensuring that the grave is in the correct state for interment. He also takes care of setting up the tent for the grieving family or at Church and other functions where the Downes & Wilson tent is erected.

Barry is an easygoing individual whose dry wit and stories will leave the listener laughing out loud.