Mr. Leonard Gibbs- (Retired/Deceased )

Leonard Gibbs started in the coffin building trade in 1949, Mr. Gibbs continued in the joinery tradition that is quintessentially Barbadian. He was known to the funeral trade across the island as a craftsman responsible for thousands of locally built coffins and caskets to the satisfaction of the many families that needed his masterpieces. 

Junie Holmes- Secretary (Retired) 

A dedicated and long-serving staffer, Ms. Holmes' tenure started with Mr. Leabert Downes. Ms. Holmes' served as one of the pillars in the community of families that Downes & Wilson has served over the years. 

Miss Holmes provided mature, sympathetic assistance to families in the wording of funeral notices, assisting in arranging of funerals and preparation of hymn sheets. 

Ms. Holmes, now retired will always be considered a cherished member of the Downes & Wilson family.