Mr James Wilson, JP

Managing Director, Downes and Wilson Funeral Home.

Mr. James Wilson J.P. – Managing Director

Mr. James Wilson J.P will always greet you with “Hello, I’m James”. Managing Director of

Downes & Wilson Funeral Home, Mr. Wilson often referred to as Mr. Downes is married to

Hyacinth Wilson and they are the proud parents of Dean Wilson.

The holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Mental Health Science from the New

York Institute of Technology, and having completed his studies at the American Academy

McAllister Institute of Mortuary Science, Mr. Wilson commenced his career at Benta's Funeral

Home one of the most prestigious Black institutions in Harlem, USA. His relationship with the

principals of this venerable organization exists to this day where his son Dean is employed as a

Funeral Director.

Always one for instigating innovation, Mr. Wilson was the first to display caskets at BMEX in

June of 1984. His enthusiasm for people and his profession has not waned, primarily because

of the encouragement and practical support of his family, staff and the appreciation of the client

families he serves.

Mr. Wilson was intimately involved in the funerals of two former Prime Ministers of Barbados,

The Right Hon J.M.G.M. “Tom” Adams, QC, MP, in 1985 and The Hon David John Howard

Thompson QC, MP in 2010. Many Barbadians families, both here and abroad, place the dignity

of their final moments with their loved ones in the capable hands of the Family of Downes &

Wilson Funeral Home.

His low tolerance for tardiness, his punctuality, professionalism, integrity and embracing

personal style is admired by those with whom he comes into contact. As an avid supporter of

the Arts, James Wilson can be spotted at most local events sporting his immaculate, colourful

jackets and endearing smile. His wit is unexpected, his conversations animated and his ever

present phone camera on the ready.

The leading force since 2015, in advocating the singing of the National Anthem of Barbados at

national events and ceremonies rather than the playing of recorded music, Mr. Wilson garnered

the support of Mr. Irving Burgie, the writer of lyrics to the National Anthem of Barbados and a

number of schools who showed their solidarity by taking part in the #246anthem Initiative.

Besides his exceptional business acumen, Mr. Wilson has a well-kept secret of being a talented

guitarist. James was the Manager and Lead Guitarist with the group The Fantastics where he

performed with his brother Lloyd Wilson Jr, Harold Lashley, Ronnie Cumberbatch, Fern Trail

and Rudy Boyce; he recorded with Micky Dee, Johnny Braff, Mark Holder